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Dr. Bernd Vogt
International Direct Marketing Consultant
Born: 06.02.1941 in Stuttgart, married, 3 sons
School Education: 1947-1960 in Böblingen/Sindelfingen
  29.02.1960 A-Levels
Work Experience
(during studies):
1960-1968 In total 2 years at IBM Sindelfingen
Higher Education: 1960-1966 Technical University Berlin
  1966 undergraduate degree in industrial engineering
Further Education: 1966-1968 PhD (Doctorate) in IMIS = Integrated Management Information Systems
Title: May 1968 Doctor of Political Science
Prof. Experience: 1968-1978 Dr. Oetker, Bielefeld
    1968-1970 Assistant General Manager of Oetker Group

Career progression from Chief Sales Controller to Director of Marketing/Sales of the Dr. Oetker Ice Cream and Frozen Food GmbH ; (During these years the introduction of the frozen Dr. Oetker Pizza took place, which has since has become No. 1 in Europe and the No. 1 product within the Oetker Group)

  1978-2006 Otto Group Hamburg
    1978-1981 Building up the Director’s department “Marketing and Communication” within the core business OTTO Versand in Hamburg

Director of Marketing and Group Development of the Otto Group worldwide.
During this time, strong participation in building up the Otto Group nationally and internationally to the No. 1 mail order company worldwide (since 1987) inside the triad Europe, USA and Asia
- from €2 to €24 bn turnover
- from 4 to 80 companies in 25 countries.

    2001-2006 Board member, chief-coordinator and strategic consultant of the 3Suisses Group Lille. (With €3 bn turnover and nearly €300 Mil profit in 2005, the 3 Suisses Group was the most important sister company of the OTTO Group.)
  03.2006-present International Direct Marketing Consultant and guest professor at 10 European Universities (in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
Interests:     Travelling, reading, music, tennis and skiing
Languages:     German, French, English
Dr. Bernd Vogt, Herbert-Weichmann-Str. 77, D-22085 Hamburg,
phone: 0049-40-22 66 68 35, fax: 0049-40-22 66 68 36, e-mail: dr.berndvogt@hamburg.de